Trish 14 Aug 2014

Trish Hackett Nicola, CG, has been researching family history and genealogy for over twenty years. She has been a professional researcher since 1991 and became certified in 2000. Trish has a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Colorado and is a retired CPA. She has a Master of Science degree in Library Service and worked as a reference librarian before becoming a full-time professional genealogist. The analytical and research skills she honed as a CPA and librarian have come in handy for historical and genealogical research. She loves solving mysteries.

Trish became interested in genealogy as a child when her father told her tales about his Irish-German family. Many years later she set out to fill in all the missing information. The fun began! Most of the family legends were at least partially true, just mangled over the years by various story tellers. In order to keep her large, extended family up-to-date on her discoveries, Trish started writing a family newsletter, Hackett Heirlooms. She published the newsletter for over six years and still gets requests for old copies. It is an excellent resource of her personal family history.

In 1991 Trish and family moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  Since she had no Southern ancestors and wanted to take advantage of all the history and resources in Georgia, Trish started doing genealogical research professionally. She became certified just before she and her family moved back to Seattle in 2000.

Trish specialized in nineteenth and twentieth century family history research and historical research in Washington State. She has retired from taking genealogy clients and is working on her personal genealogy. Her other research interest is the Chinese Exclusion Act (CEA) case files located at the National Archives-Seattle Branch.  She has been volunteering with the Archives since 2001. In May 2015 Trish started a blog on the Chinese Exclusion Act case files. She lectures on CEA and has published several articles on the topic.

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